Check whether your own or employee accounts have been hacked

The list of data breaches is growing daily.  It is difficult to keep track of whether any of your accounts might have been compromised. One great place to check is the website "Have I Been Pwned" ( created by Troy Hunt.  The site is continuously adding data from data breaches allowing you to easily search by email address or username to see if one of your accounts was compromised.

Have I Been Pwned

Free SSL Certificates

In today's world it has becoming extremely important to protect your and your customers data on the internet. Using SSL certificates to encrypt the data as it passes from computer to computer is.  In the past it was necessary to buy SSL certificates costing $2,000 and more for a single domain.  Even though prices for certificates have been coming down in the last few years, having to secure multiple sites still adds up quickly giving you possibly a reason not to add SSL.

Information Security Policy Templates

Creating an Information Security Policy can be a daunting task.  There are many pitfalls that might prevent a policy from being an effective tool that's being used and instead lead to becoming shelfware that only meets the needs for checkbox compliance.  It is important to understand the difference between a policy, a standard and a guideline to make sure the right information is in the policy.  Below are some good starting points including templates for writing information security policies. 

Free and Paid Online Training

Pluralsight Training


Below are some good starting points to find cybersecurity and technology training for you and your team. Some sites offer free courses whereas others offer monthly subscriptions.  This is a great way to stay up to date and expand your skills and to invest in your team. I made some good experience with Pluralsight and usually got positive feedback from my teams.  

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